Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Q&A: Part IV

Saturday Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Tours...

Every week we'll post answers to prospective students' questions. Some will be FAQs from tours, like this week, and others will be responses to comments and emails received via this blog. If you have a question about a post we've covered previously, comment to ask us for more information. Have we not covered it yet? Email us at and we'll reply with an answer!

Can I have a meal plan after my first year?

Yes, we have many meal plan options that are available to our second, third, and fourth year students. The meal plan options offered to our upperclassmen students are different and more varied than the plans offered to first year students. You can also choose to not have a meal plan after your first-year if you decide you want to cook for yourself more or take advantage of the wide variety of restaurants that we have in Charlottesville and near Grounds.
--Will Bennett

Do undergraduates have the chance to participate in research?

There are many opportunities for students to get involved with research at the University - both on and off grounds. U.Va. is a large research University that is also very undergraduate focused, so right off the bat students can get involved in lab work (the most popular being in the social science, science, and psychology departments for example), work at a research institute off grounds, or help conduct studies and interviews in a multitude of subjects! Many of these research opportunities are open to all students and majors and can even count for academic credits at the University. Undergraduates can have a lot of responsibility within these projects, so it’s a great experience for those who want to participate!

What outdoor activities are available for students?

There are so many outdoor activities available to students. There are plenty of running and hiking trails near the New Dorm area close to observatory hill. There is also several popular hiking trails available with spectacular views - Old Rag, Humpback, and Sugar Hill are popularly attended by the students. In addition, there are several waterfalls nearby and also for the wintertime there is skiing at Evergreen.

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