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Introducing: Chelsea Marcelin

Introducing: Chelsea Marcelin

2014 Office of Admission Summer Intern Bio

Year: Fifth (Pursuing a Master's)
Hometown: Rutland, Massachusetts
School: Curry School of Education
Major(s): BA/MT Elementary Education & Psychology
Blog: Office Hours

Hey everyone! My name is Chelsea Marcelin and I hail from the beautifully small town of Rutland, MA. I am currently a graduate student in my 5th year at the University studying Elementary Education in the Curry School of Education. Post graduation, I hope to work as an elementary school teacher working in either 3rd or 4th grade. Over my 4 years at the University, I have had an infinite amount of wonderful social and academic opportunities.One of those was having the chance to work with numerous amazing professors in many different fields. All the professors at the University truly dedicate themselves to their work and their students. Watch out for my posts talking about a few of the countless awesome professors around grounds!

Favorite UVA memory...

One of my favorite memories at UVa was during the winter this past year. It was snowing pretty heavily, so classes had been canceled for the next day. My roommates and I decided to walk to the lawn and take some pictures in the snow before it began to ice over. The Rotunda looked simply breathtaking with a blanket of fresh snow. After we had been on the lawn for about 15 minutes, all of the sudden hundreds of people began filtering onto the lawn. Apparently, someone had forwarded an email to some friends (which ended up spreading to half the school) about meeting on the lawn for some late night snowy fun. We ended up having a gigantic snowball fight, building snowmen, and sledding down the lawn for over an hour! It was definitely one of my most memorable nights at UVa, and one of the most fun!

More information and blog posts...

Chelsea's Admission Survey

Coming soon!

Chelsea's Blog Posts

  1. 6/2/2014: Robert Tai (Curry School of Education)
  2. 6/16/2014: Natasha Foutz (McIntire School of Commerce)
  3. 6/30/2014: Tina Brashers (Nursing School)
  4. 7/14/2014: Archie Holmes (School of Engineering and Applied Science)
  5. 7/16/2014: We Are All UVa: LGBTQ (filling in for Hawa Ahmed)
  6. 7/28/2014: Stanley Stepanic (College of Arts and Sciences, Slavic Department)
  7. 8/11/2014: George Gilliam (College of Arts and Sciences, History Department)

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