Friday, December 2, 2016

Hoo Stories!

Hey Everyone! We apologize for the absence of posts on the blog in the past year or so. After a transition of blog ownership, we are now ready to post consistently throughout the next year to give a great picture of student life around grounds. We want this blog to be most beneficial to you all, so today we want to introduce ourselves and then we want to welcome all comments and suggestions for future posts!

Hi! My name is Win Maddox and I am a second year pre-commerce student at UVa. I am from Virginia Beach Virginia and am hoping to delve deeper into the study of finance within the McIntire School of Commerce during my third year. Some of involvements around grounds include being heavily dedicated to UVa student outreach (interactions with alumni, parents, and especially prospective and newly accepted students), Green Dot power based violence bystander training, and student council involving academic affairs around grounds. My main goal is to provide a clear and informative view of what it is like to be a student around grounds, while adding in my own experiences to make it personal.

My name is Katie Goodwin and I am a third year at UVA from Leesburg, Virginia. I am majoring in economics in the College of Arts and Sciences and minoring in the Curry School of Education in global studies in education. Around grounds, I am involved in different areas of the admissions office through volunteering for Days on the Lawn and helping out with information sessions for prospective students. I also am involved in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and Day in the Life, a tutoring program for schools in the Charlottesville area. You can always find me drinking coffee in any of the many coffee shops around Charlottesville, or hanging out with friends on the lawn, and I hope to share my many UVA experiences through the blog!

We want to make this blog as useful to prospective/accepted students as possible, and thus the purpose of this post is to not only introduce ourselves but also to gather ideas/suggestions of what you all would like to learn more about as a student at UVa. Please post your suggestions in the comments below, and we will write about the most suggested ideas throughout this upcoming semester!


Win & Katie

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