Wednesday, June 4, 2014

#WeAreAllUVa: Religious Affintiy Groups


Religious Affinity Groups

Here at UVa we pride ourselves in having a student group for every interest, hobby and affinity one could want! Religious affiliation is no different. There are over 40 active groups representing Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Baha’I Faith, as well as atheist and agnostic groups.

Christian Community
Charlottesville has several churches, many of which are within walking distance of grounds! The majority of Protestant denominations are represented- Episcopal, Baptist, etc. as well as Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Coptic and Church of God buildings. There are over 30 student-run Christian groups, ranging from worship, service, social and advising organizations.

Jewish Community
Most do not know that nearly 10% of UVa students identify as Jewish. Brody Jewish Center houses many resources for student groups, providing meals and chances to interact and volunteer with other students. During the Jewish holidays, both Jews and non-Jews are encouraged to come out to dinner services. In addition there is a Jewish fraternity known as Alpha Epsilon Pi or AEPi.

Muslim Community
The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is the primary social and religious outlet for Muslim student on grounds. They offer a great deal of programming as well as service opportunities to engage with the greater Charlottesville community. There is a mosque in the city that often times have services led by University students.

Other Religions
As previously mentioned, other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Baha’i faith are represented amongst the student body. There is an emphasis on collaboration amongst the groups, such as an Inter-faith Dinner and Dialogue that occurs amongst the majority of religious affinity groups.

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