Friday, June 20, 2014

Follow Friday: Part IV

Follow Friday

Part IV: See Our @UVa_Summer Instagram!

Don't forget to follow @UVa_Summer and search the hashtag #UVaSummer on Instagram! To view the Instagram in your browser, click here.

Below are some of our top Instagrams from the past week from us and UVa students!

"The perks of getting up early enough on a weekend in #CVille! 'Summer Sundays at the farmer's market @shenanigans4 #UVaSummer'"

"These students are spending the #UVaSummer in Ireland thanks to a University Internship Program set up through our Cooper Center for Public Service. #Wahoowa! @ral2274, Class of 2015"
*Retweeted by UVa Career Services @UVaUCS

"#tbt to that time the Rotunda burnt down #1895problems"

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