Friday, January 28, 2011

"There is no more sincere love than love of food." -George Bernard Shaw

3-4 times a day, college students eat. 0 - ∞ times a day (depending on the student), college students drink coffee. Eating and drinking are fundamental parts of the college experience. Eating fuels the mind and the body for studying, exercising, and general activities. Drinking coffee (and also tea) is not only a way to socialize with friends, but also a way to give yourself a needed treat before a day of work, or an extra boost while studying.

Eating and drinking are essential - and often overlooked - activities that can define one's four years in a college town. The food provided by the University (for meal plans, etc.) is great, but many students will take advantage of options outside of dining halls. Fortunately for students interested in the University of Virginia, Charlottesville offers superior food and drink.
The only way to discover this is to come and see for yourself. When you're taking an admission tour, be sure to make time for lunch or dinner (or both). Try something different. Something unique to Charlottesville that you can't find in your hometown (unless it's Chipotle, which I'm biased to). Come to town a little bit early and check out a coffee shop. Meet up with a friend you know in town, bring some schoolwork, or just hang out with your parents.
When I'm home on breaks, I desperately miss the food and drink in Charlottesville. Nothing quite compares. I lived in New York City this summer and, despite the occasional good meal, no where did I get the same bang for my buck. Nowhere could I find the authentic, local, down-to-earth cup'a joe and grub that I find in Charlottesville on a daily basis.
If you get to town soon (before Sunday!), you can make it here in time for Restaurant Week. $26 for a three-course meal at Charlottesville's most popular restaurants. Pretty cheap to "eat like a king." If not, be sure to check out some of the suggestions I've listed below. These are my personal favorites. Trust me, they've been tested countless times.

WARNING: Even if you don't end up attending the University of Virginia, I can assure you you'll be coming back to eat. Enjoy.


Take it Away
Marco and Luca's Dumplings
+ other options on the Corner


Starbucks Coffee


Bellair Market
+ other options at the Downtown Mall and Barracks Road