Monday, June 23, 2014

My Date with CVille: Touring Monticello

My Date with CVille

Touring Monticello

In three years, I've been to Monticello multiple times and never gotten tired of the trip. Recognizable as that building on the back of the nickle, this home of Thomas Jefferson is (along with UVa) a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its tours are thought provoking and intriguing, with topics ranging from TJ's impact on the American canon for architectural design, to how the building was designed to hide his slaves' working quarters, to his many books and inventions, to his relationship with slave Sally Hemmings.

A trip can be a full day event, with an introductory movie, walking tour of Monticello and its grounds, and great restaurants and gift shops located right on the mountain. It can also be perfectly accompanied by a historical tour of UVa (led by the University Guide Service throughout the academic year) or simply a scenic drive through the area in the Fall or Spring.

Want to know why Thomas Jefferson's bedding was pink? Want to know how he designed a clock using cannonballs? Looking to see who was cool enough back in the day to make it on the walls of his expansive portrait gallery? Then make your way to Monticello!

-About a 20 minute drive from UVa Central Grounds

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