Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday Q&A: Part I

Saturday Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Tours...

Every week we'll post answers to prospective students' questions. Some will be FAQs from tours, like this week, and others will be responses to comments and emails received via this blog. If you have a question about a post we've covered previously, comment to ask us for more information. Have we not covered it yet? Email us at and we'll reply with an answer!

What is it like to come into UVa as an undeclared major?

Normal! As an undeclared major, you'll be in the College of Arts and Sciences--a program that houses over 40 different majors at UVa. You'll also have an assigned advisor within the College and certain area requirements (e.g. mathematics, humanities, non-western perspective) to explore. Working with your advisor and taking classes to fill these requirements will help you find your interests and find a major. You don't need to declare until the end of your second year, and you can even declare multiple majors, change your major, or maybe even switch schools (e.g. to the School of Engineering).

--Jared Morgan

What opportunities are there for students to work while at UVa?

There are many opportunities for jobs on grounds and off grounds! On grounds, students can work for the University in a variety of ways. For example, the University Bookstore hires student employees every semester! The libraries, some academic buildings, the dining services, and departments also hire students for various positions. Students can also search for jobs off grounds at numerous restaurants, shops, studios, companies, political campaigns, Charlottesville paid internships, babysitting, and much more!! You can also sign up for CavLink, which will email students about working opportunities in Charlottesville!

What is upperclassmen housing like at UVa?

All students are required to live on grounds for their first year, but have the option to either continue living in University housing or go off grounds for the rest of their time at the University.  Upperclass housing offered by the University can be apartment style, like the rooms at Lambeth Field, or in a residential hall layout, like the Hereford Residential College.  Students are guaranteed on Grounds housing when they live on grounds the previous year, so all first can stay on grounds if they want, and those second years that live on grounds are guaranteed housing for their third year.  It is about a 50/50 split for second years for living on or off grounds and keeps splitting in half every consecutive year.  Students can rent a house or an apartment if they choose to live off grounds, some of which may be closer to one’s classes or fit a budget better.

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