Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hoos in Charge: Word of the Day: Student Self-Governance

Hoos in Charge

Word of the Day: Student Self-Governance

If you Google "UVa", you’ll see it; if you take a tour of our Grounds, you’ll hear it; during the numerous presentations you’ll sit through on your first few days, I promise it’ll pop up on at least 2 PowerPoints. So what exactly is student self -governance?

Members of the Honor Committee conducting their weekly meeting
 Student self-governance, a core tradition here at UVa, means that students have ample freedom and power to have a say in how their university runs. From first-year living to community events to violations of the Standards of Conduct, students hold the power to decide what needs to be done and how to do it. For example, as a member of Student Council, you could take part is determining how money in distributed to our numerous student organizations or represent University students’ interests in the Virginia state government.  Many schools have faculty members as the ultimate overseers of these decisions but at UVa, we trust that our students have the knowledge, skills, creativity and accountability to assume these important responsibilities. In other words, you got this!
The Welcome Back Dinner coordinated by 2nd Year Council

So if you’re chock full of ideas on how to better our University or just want a platform to voice your opinion, join one (or seven) of our student organizations and become a part of that student self-governance you’ll hear so much about. Don’t know any organizations? No worries, in my next post I’ll be giving you a look at one I’m super passionate about, the University Judiciary Committee, and many more after that!

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