Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thanks for the Great #UVaSummer!

Thanks for the Great #UVaSummer!

Farewell from Your Summer Guides and Bloggers

With the final Move-In Day underway and the University Guide Service about to start giving tours during the regular academic year, it's time for the Office of Admission interns to say goodbye.

Thanks for following along this summer and reading our posts about Charlottesville, professors, the arts, study abroad, traditions, diversity, athletics, and student self-governance! Want to still keep learning about student life? Scroll through the archives and know that more student bloggers will be here to run Hoo Stories soon enough.


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Friday, August 22, 2014

Follow Friday: Part XIII

Follow Friday

Part XIII: See Our @UVa_Summer Instagram!

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For our final Follow Friday of the #UVaSummer, take a look at fun outdoor activities and move-in day below!

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hear Us Shout & Roar: UVA Football Preview: UCLA vs. UVA

Hear Us Shout & Roar 

UVA Football Preview: UCLA vs. UVA

Football season is only nine days away. Anticipation is building for the upcoming fall for UVA football. Coming off a disappointing 2-10 season, UVA football is looking to start anew against UCLA on Saturday August 30th. The game will be held at UVA in Scott Stadium and televised on ESPN starting at 12PM ET.

The game against UCLA will be a tough challenge for UVA football as UCLA is ranked #7 in the AP preseason poll. Last season, UCLA had a 10-3 record. They defeated, Virginia’s rival, Virginia Tech in the Sun Bowl. This season, UVA will have a new starting quarterback, sophomore Greyson Lambert. The UVA fanbase is excited about the upcoming season and looking forward to see what UVA is able to do in the 2014-2015 season.

For UVA's complete schedule for the 2014-2015 season, look here

Let's Get Traditional: UVa Lingo

Let's Get Traditional

UVA Lingo

by Will Bennett

If you have ever visited the University of Virginia or been on an historical tour, then you may have noticed some different terms used by the student body than you would here at other colleges. Here is a helpful guide to some of the terms that you will hear while coming to UVa. 

At UVa, we call our campus Grounds instead of calling it "campus." On admissions and historical tours of UVa, the tour guide will prefer to the area of the school's campus that you are on as a specific area of "Grounds." 

First-Year, Second-Year, Third-Year, Fourth-Year
Instead of calling themselves freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, students at UVa will call themselves first-years, second-years, third-years, and fourth-years. The reason behind this tradition dates back to the founding of UVa. First, Thomas Jefferson believed that learning was a life long process that was never completed, so therefore you could never be a senior in learning simply by beginning your fourth year of college education. Second, during the first years of UVa's function, many students would enter UVa for a year or two and then leave to return home for an extended period of time, and then they would come back to UVa to continue their college studies. Therefore, It made more sense then during UVa's early years for students to identify what year of their undergraduate education they were in rather than calling themselves a freshman, sophomore, etc. Even students that are pursuing graduate level studies here at UVa will say they are "second-year law students" rather than saying "sophomore law student."

Wahoos and Hoos 
The official name and mascot of the UVa athletics teams is the Cavalier, but our informal name for our sports teams and our students is the Wahoo, or simply the Hoo. At any UVa athletic event, you would hear the announcers say "Go Hoos," rather than "Go Cavaliers," and you will also here many professors on Grounds refer to students as simply "Hoos." The origin of this nickname for our sports teams and students goes back to a heated baseball rivalry with Washington and Lee University in the 1890s. During the 1890s, the fans of Washington and Lee's baseball team would refer to UVa students as fans as "wahoos." Overtime, this name came to be used more frequently around Grounds and by the 1940s it had become a commonly used term to refer to UVa students and athletic teams. Since then, the term has since been shortened to just "Hoos" rather than "Wahoos."

The Corner 
One of the most popular places for UVa students to go out to eat and hang out at is an area of University Avenue called "The Corner." University Avenue is one of the main streets of the area of Charlottesville near UVa's Grounds, and it serves as a kind of outline for the area of Grounds just north of the Rotunda. The Corner has some of the most popular restaurants, shops, and bars that students will go to throughout the year.

Academical Village and the Lawn
The original classroom and dorm buildings of the University of Virginia are located in an area of Grounds called the Academical Village, and the Lawn is the grassy area that divides the East and West sides of the Academical Village. The Academical Village is comprised of the 10 Pavilions, 54 Lawn Rooms, and the Rotunda that surround the Lawn. Thomas Jefferson called the original Grounds of UVa the "Academical Village," because he believed that a college should be like a village where professors and students would live and learn together during their years at UVa. The Lawn serves as the quad of UVa's original Grounds, and while there are some Quad areas in the first-year dorm areas,  the Lawn would be the equivalent of the central/original quad of UVa.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In the Audience: The Fralin Museum of Art

In the Audience

The Fralin Museum of Art

Although the Fralin Art Museum is not a performance group here at UVa, which is what I have been mostly writing about, it is still a great opportunity for anyone interested in art to check out.  The Fralin is located right on Rugby Road, so very close to the Academical village and right near the other arts buildings we have at the University is free.  Exhibits are held throughout the year and give a wide range of studio art types from paint to sculpture and many different takes on the medium as well.
Admission to the museum is free and they are open Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 5:00.  Tours are given to elementary school groups, organizations, and senior groups so feel free to hop on one of these guided tours or even volunteer to be a docent at the Fralin and lead the tours yourself.  I am excited to check out the exhibit this semester called Realms of Earth and Sky (which will be open from August 29th to December 21st of 2014) to see the museum's collection of Indian art.  With all the exhibits and tours the museum offers it is definitely a place students should take advantage during their time at UVa.

For a look at their upcoming and current exhibits as well as more information on the Fralin Art Museum check out their website.

Monday, August 18, 2014

My Date with CVille: Carter Mountain

My Date with CVille

Carter Mountain

by Jared Morgan

Want to get into nature? Looking for some fresh produce? Hoping to hear some live music? All of these things and more are available to you at Carter Mountain. This orchard, frequented by locals and students alike, has mountain views, fruit picking of all kinds, and even concert series.

This past Thursday I went out to their Sunset Series which features live music every Thursday evening through the end of September. There's food, an ice cream bar, an old-fashioned country store, and some really good chicken salad. Students and family's filled the Carter Mountain's decks and surrounding hills for the event.

Aside from these usual Carter Mountain Orchard offerings, though, was a chance to see the sun set over Charlottesville and the surrounding mountains. It was a little weird not to be looking at a band performing while they play, but I don't think they blamed us! Just as UVa students always try to make those sunrise hikes at Humpback, a sunset at Carter Mountain is a can't miss. Also don't forget the apple picking, pumpkin picking, and other events going on throughout the year! (And, really, try the chicken salad.)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Follow Friday: Part XII

Follow Friday

Part XII: See Our @UVa_Summer Instagram!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hoos in Charge: A How-To Guide

Hoos in Charge

How to Start a CIO

I've told about a bunch of ways to get involved in the great student organizations we have here at the University but let's you get here and realize we don't already have a club or organization you're interested in joining- what do you do? Well fear not, we have a solution! UVa allows students to start their own CIOs, which are Contracted Independent Organizations. A CIO exists and operates independently of the University and manages its own affairs. So lets say you arrive at the University and realize we don't have an organization for Netflix lovers, you can start the Official Netflix CIO and enjoy binge watching with your fellow Netflix addicts. 

So how exactly do you start a CIO? The Office of the Dean of Students advises that you first note and consider the following things before creating a new CIO:
  • Do other organizations currently exist that might address similar interests or a similar purpose which you hope to achieve with your new CIO?
  • The organization’s main officer as well as at least 51% of the members of the CIO must be full-time, fee paying University students.
  • Each CIO must maintain a constitution and save it on atUVa. A constitution template is provided in the registration if you do not have one prior to the submission process.  
Once you've done that, here are the very easy steps to start your new CIO:
  • Visit atUVa to submit your organizations information
  • The Vice-President of Organizations for Student Council and the Office of the Dean of Students will review your submission. *Club sports require a third review from the representative of Intramural-Recreational Sports.
  • The Vice-President of Organizations for Student Council will meet with the organization to discuss the CIO.  After meeting with the organization, the VPO will present the organization to the Representative Body of Student Council for approval. * The time for this process can vary depending on meetings, constitutional corrections, use of the University’s name, and meeting with the VPO.
  • Once a CIO has been approved, the President will be notified via atUVa messaging system.  CIOs will need to attend a Treasurer’s meeting and HOO’s In the Know? New CIO Workshop.  *Emails will be sent out to new CIOs about meeting times.
Then you're all set! For more information, visit the Student Activities Webpage