Friday, June 27, 2014

Follow Friday: Part V

Follow Friday

Part V: See Our @UVa_Summer Instagram!

Don't forget to follow @UVa_Summer and search the hashtag #UVaSummer on Instagram! To view the Instagram in your browser, click here.

Below are some of our top Instagrams from the past week from us and UVa students!

"Any day is a great day for a stroll down the Corner! 'Le vent nous portera #UVaSummer'"

"Visited grounds lately? There's usually a ton more students crowded around the Lawn, like in this pic courtesy of @wyattmoorer12! #UVaSummer #Latergram"

"Anyone up for some rooftop yoga in #CVille? Namaste, courtesy of @vemercadooo, Class of 2017 #UVaSummer"

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