Monday, December 24, 2012

All the Hoos down in Hooville

It is another (much needed) winter break here at UVa! :) The stress of finals has turned into the joy of the holiday season! A few bloggers and one special guest will be telling you in the next few blogs about the many different ways that a Hoo spends his/her break.

The winter break starts with sleep and lots of it! Finals tend to drain me so I come right home and sleep sleep sleep so that I can be a normal person for my family. :) I came home on the 19th so I didn't have much time to waste before getting the house decorated for Christmas! Christmas is by far my favorite holiday--I love the joy that is all around! :) I also love coffee and gingerbread cookie decorating!

I also love Santa. The big guy has never let me down and it is definitely nice to believe there is a little magic in this world. :)

After I decorated everything I went to the store to buy some last-minute gifts for my family (didn't have much time to shop until now). I love shopping! So it is always very fun shopping for my family. :)

Yesterday, I went to Christmas at my sister's fiance's family's house (that was a mouthful!). That was really fun and delicious (it is always nice to have a break from dining hall food).

For the rest of break, I will probably be hanging out with my family and reading romance novels :) I love break but I am already missing the beautiful UVa! I am definitely ready to go back! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! :)