Monday, March 14, 2016

First Year Housing

One question that I get a lot during the chats with all of you prospective students is what are the dorms like? So, here is my personal run-down of all of the first year housing options, but first some answers to a few related common questions:

Can I pick my own roommate?
Yes! You can request a roommate on the housing application that you know from high school or chatted with on the Facebook page or met through some other event. You can also pick to have a random roommate which many people do so don't feel pressured to find somebody. It honestly can work out great or not so great with either option and ultimately this person is your roommate not a required best friend and what matters is that you can live together peacefully.

Can I pick which dorm I get?
No. Where you get placed is random.

Which is the best dorm?
In my opinion, new dorms are the best, but I am incredibly biased since that's where I lived my first year. All joking aside, your living situation is what you make of it. If you put yourself out there and get to know your dormmates and hallmates you will be fine regardless of where exactly you're living.

And now on to the actual dorms!

Old Dorms
Located close to the Chem building and other science buildings that I avoid at all costs, Old Dorms are hall style which means two people per room with a bathroom that is shared by the hall. Also in all hall style dorms the entire dorm in co-ed but each floor is one gender. There's no air conditioning so bring your own fan for those last weeks of August and first weeks of September.

New Dorms
New Dorms are also hall style but have air conditioning! They are also located right near O-hill, one of the three dining halls, and the Aquatic and Fitness Center (AFC), home of the largest hot tub on the East coast.

These dorms are suite-style which means there are several single or double occupancy rooms are a common living space and with a bathroom in each suite. These dorms are also air conditioned and are a little farther from classes but are surrounded by trees and have Runk dining hall right in the middle of all the buildings.