Monday, June 16, 2014

Office Hours: Professor Natasha Foutz

Office Hours

Professor Natasha Foutz

BChelsea Marcelin

Natasha Foutz is a well known professor in the famous McIntire School of Commerce here at UVA. She has been with the University for 6 years now! Fun fact about Professor Foutz, If students work hard, she rewards them with an invitation to her ping pong challenge - few can beat her!

Want to learn more about Professor Foutz? Let’s hear what she has to say about her experiences as a professor at UVA:

How you became involved in your field:
“I became intrigued by consumer psychology and firm competitive strategy while in college studying Economics. Then I pursued advanced studies on Marketing, which perfectly combines the two, at Cornell University. Besides passionate about teaching and my students, I focus on addressing unique marketing challenges facing the media and entertainment industries in my research."

Favorite thing about UVa:
“Taking students out to lunches"

Funny Story/Memory from a class:
“As an ice-breaker on the first day of our I.C.E. class, the co-teaching faculty team invited the students to guess which description of a first-ever job belongs to which faculty. When asked why one particular description matches me, one student answered “because Professor Foutz appears conservative.” So I found a skydiving image online, artfully replaced the head shot with my own, and showed to them in the second class. The picture appeared so real that instantly, I became known as the “non-conservative, daring professor!” Of course, I revealed the truth in exchange for long-lasting laughs, and devoted my entire semester to show them that I am indeed a crazily fun professor.” 

Want to take a class with Professor Foutz? She teaches I.C.E. (Integrated Core Experience) – Core Marketing Management (3rd year core); and Entertainment Marketing (4th year elective) in the McIntire School of Commerce. Check her out!!!

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