Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hoo's Abroad? Allison in Florence!

Hoos Abroad?

Allison in Florence!

Our first global Wahoo is Allison Xu, a third year in the McIntire School of Commerce who's also majoring in Foreign Affairs. She is currently abroad in Florence, Italy!

What made you choose this place? I chose it because it's a well-known cultural center of the world and a lot of the art and culture seemed interesting to me.

What classes are you taking? I'm taking a Politics in Italy and Digital Photography class.

What’s been the biggest learning experience so far? I think the biggest learning experience (it's only been a week so far) has been learning to be okay with being alone. A lot of being abroad is just exploring the city on your own, getting lost, and figuring things out yourself. So I guess being independent!

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