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Office Hours: Professor Tina Brashers

Office Hours

Professor Tina Brashers

BChelsea Marcelin

Valentina Brashers is a professor that hails from the Nursing and Medical program here at U.Va. Professor Brashers has been with the University for a whopping 26 years! - working for 4 years part time and then moving into a full time faculty member for the past 22 years. Outside of the classroom, she is a fly-fishing fanatic! The license plate on her tundra even reads: "Ryr Fishn".

Want to learn more about Professor Brashers? Let’s hear what she has to say about her experiences as a professor at UVA:
How you became involved in your field:
“I went to medical school because I was interested in science. I completed a research/clinical pulmonary fellowship that involved teaching - fell in love with teaching and found the opportunity to teach in the School of Nursing (pathophysiology and immunology) part time while still in private practice. Teaching grew into a full time job. I am now the founding Co-Director of the University of Virginia Center for Academic Strategic Partnerships for Interprofessional Research and Education (Center for ASPIRE) focused on training medical and nursing students, faculty, and clinicians in providing high-quality collaborative team-based patient care."

Favorite thing about UVa:
"The Students!!!!!!!!"

Funny Story/Memory from a class:
Too many to count and no time to type any out and do them justice......Only brief but repetitively funny thing I can say here is: Students at all levels are incredibly smart across the board - able to ace really hard exams and take care of complex patients, but an average of 10-15% per exam are entirely incapable of putting their correct computing IDs on an examination. Even though I talk VERY slowly while giving instructions and write it on the board, I still get SS#s, zip codes, telephone numbers, and other wierd things...  I even once wrote MY email address on the board saying "See, this is my computing ID - it is the part before the @ in the email address - put yours on the exam" and had 3 students put MY computing ID on their exams... sigh... ” 

Want to take a class with Professor Brashers? She teaches tons of classes here at U.Va. including Pathology and Clinical Management I and II, RN-BSN Pathophysiology, Advanced (Masters) Pathophysiology, Immunocompetence in Vulnerable Populations (in the January Term), and a Transition Course for the Medical School. Check her out!!!

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