Thursday, May 27, 2010

Introducing: Andrew Barat

Introducing: Andrew Barat

2014 Office of Admission Summer Intern Bio

Year: Third
Hometown: Vienna, Virginia
School: College of Arts and Sciences
Major(s): Media Studies
Blog: In the Audience

My name is Andrew Barat from Vienna, Virginia, and I'm a third year in the College of Arts and Sciences. Currently I am majoring in Media Studies but would like to pursue either a double major or minor in drama as well. I am involved with arts groups on grounds and would love to pursue a career in the study and development of cinema, plays, music or other arts media. I can't wait to share my love for this University and talk to all of my tourists about how they can feel as welcome here as I do this summer!

Favorite UVA memory...

After each show that the organization First Year Players puts on, every member runs backstage to come together and sing the Good 'Ole Song. The first time I was a part of this I truly felt like a part of the community of FYP and of the University and every time it has happened since I am reminded of how wonderful a community I am a part of here at UVa.

More information and blog posts...

Andrew's Admission Survey

Coming soon!

Andrew's Blog Posts

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