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Introducing: Jared Morgan

Introducing: Jared Morgan

2014 Office of Admission Summer Intern Bio

Year: Fourth
Hometown: Charleston, West Virginia
School: McIntire School of Commerce
Major(s): Commerce, Media Studies, & Film Studies Minor
Blog: My Date with CVille

My name is Jared Morgan, and I'm a rising fourth year studying Management and Marketing in the Commerce School as well as Media Studies. I'm really excited to not only be leading visitors on tours for the Office of Admission but also leading some of y'all online with posts every other week. My topic of choice will cover all the different things to do at UVA and in Charlottesville in posts called My Date with CVille. Of course, these ideas are fun with "dates" but can also be a great time with friends or family, too! Hopefully they'll give a good picture of all the things you can do with some special 'Hoo or with friends and out-of-town visitors!

Favorite UVA memory...

After finishing a pretty grueling group project this past semester, I went out for ice cream with the classmates I did the assignment with. It was perfect Spring weather in Charlottesville (mid 70s and sunny), and it was free cone day at Ben & Jerry's. It was awesome to have a group that enjoyed working so much together that it became a social as well as a learning experience. That, and free rocky road didn't hurt.

More information and blog posts...

Jared's Admission Survey

Coming soon!

Jared's Blog Posts

  1. 5/26/2014: Brunching Off Grounds
  2. 6/9/2014: Walking the Downtown Mall
  3. 6/23/2014: Touring Monticello
  4. 7/7/2014: Going to a Show
  5. 7/21/2014: Restaurant Week
  6. 8/4/2014: Go Take a Hike
  7. 8/18/2014: Carter Mountain

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