Thursday, May 27, 2010

Introducing: Belén Osman

Introducing: Belén Osman

2014 Office of Admission Summer Intern Bio

Year: Third
Hometown: Woodbridge, Virginia
School: College of Arts and Sciences
Major(s): English & Government
Minor: Economics
Blog: Hoos in Charge

Hey guys! My name is Belên Osman and I'm a rising third year in the College of Arts and Sciences with a passion for politics, traveling, maxi dresses, Netflix binges and snacking at 2 AM. I'm super excited to be interning here at the Office of Admission and writing an academic blog that students will actually want to read. I'll be giving you a look at what student self-governance means here at UVa, how it impacts our community, and the different ways to get involved. I promise not to just spout monotonous facts and give you a very personal look at this important aspect of UVa.

Favorite UVA memory...

I stated volunteering at a day care center through Madison House during my first year. On my first day, I missed the downtown bus (twice), I got lost going to the day care, dropped the bagel I was eating and spilled my tea while trying to open a door. All this happened even before I got to the day care to start my shift so I was already in a horrible mood. But when I finally managed to get there, being around all these excited, playful, smiling kids and forgetting all about my morning and just coloring and playing tag for 2 hours was such a relaxing and rewarding experience that it really reminded me not to sweat the small stuff.

More information and blog posts...

Belén's Admission Survey

Coming soon!

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