Monday, May 26, 2014

My Date with CVille: Brunching Off Grounds

My Date with CVille

Brunching Off Grounds

If you think breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then you haven’t had brunch in Charlottesville. This past weekend I ventured off Grounds with friends to a student and Charlottesville favorite--The Pigeon Hole. If you need something to do on a Sunday between 9:00AM and 3:00PM (or just a really good reason to roll out of bed in between those times), then The Pigeon Hole is your best bet. Biscuits and Red Eye Gravy might be my favorite, but the whole menu is great including the Huevos Rancheros shown below.

Highlights of The Pigeon Hole include:
  • The eggs benedict menu
  • Sitting outside and enjoying the weather
  • Running into practically everyone you know
  • The aforementioned reason to roll out of bed on a Sunday morning

After brunch, my friends and I took advantage the public gardens at UVA and strolled around the Lawn and Pavilions. Our favorite spot was Garden X (below). Brunch in CVille is the perfect way to spend any morning or afternoon, get off grounds for a bit, but still enjoy all UVA has to offer.


  • $7-$12 per meal


  • The Pigeon Hole is right on the Corner--just a short walk from grounds

Other Suggestions

  • The Nook on the Downtown Mall (accessible in 10 min. via the Trolley) is great if you’re looking to get a little further off grounds
  • For brunch on a budget, head straight to UVA’s gardens with Bodo’s Bagels in hand!

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