Monday, August 4, 2014

My Date with CVille: Go Take a Hike

My Date with CVille

Go Take a Hike

by Jared Morgan

What gets a college student out of bed before noon on a weekend? No, the answer isn't brunch (this time). Instead, it's a tradition for friends and student organizations across U.Va. Anyone who drives into Charlottesville can tell you how picturesque some of the views are, but you haven't seen anything until you've hiked Humpback at dawn.

Just a half hour drive outside of Charlottesville, Humpback offers awesome views of Blue Ridge Mountains at the cost of an enjoyable, not-too-hard hike to the top. Students make their way up there as a way to bond off Grounds for a change. Lots of student clubs like arts groups, athletic groups, Greek organizations, and more make a tradition out of the trip. Many groups also wake up before dawn in order to make it up the mountain before sunrise. Seeing the sun rise from the top of the mountain is a can't miss moment for U.Va. students.

Pack some water bottles, a granola bar or two, and bundle up (it's colder than you'd think that early, even in the summer!). Make your way to Humpback for an unforgettable U.Va. experience!

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