Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Fourth Year Reflection

On my first tour of UVa, I never imagined that I would someday be lucky enough to call myself a Wahoo. And yet, somehow, I made it. On Sunday, I walked the Lawn with my classmates during UVa's 181st Final Exercises and celebrated the culmination of the best four years that I could have ever asked for. Looking back, I can say with the utmost confidence that UVa is unlike any other University in the nation. There is something special about this place that inspires passion and dedication in its students and a tangible energy on grounds that I will miss terribly next year.

The thing that has affected me the most during my four years on Grounds has been the community I've felt. If someone were to ask me to describe the typical UVa student, I would say that he/she is incredibly smart, but never lets on. Active, but not in your face about it. He or she is incredibly passionate about making a difference at UVa and always eager to tell you about his/her favorite cause. He/she is extremely dedicated to having a good time, whether that be on the downtown mall, the Corner, Rugby Rd. or Scott Stadium. UVa students have the work hard/play hard attitude down to an art form, and I'll miss being surrounded by such smart, committed and passionate people.

My advice to the Class of 2014: Do everything. Just do it. There are thousands of things to do on Grounds, and I challenge you to do as much as you possibly can. Sometimes its worth it to skim your reading assignment if it means going downtown with friends and strolling through Charlottesville. I've never regretted putting down my homework to experience UVa, there is something to learn around every corner.

My advice to the future Class of 2015: Keep an open mind. There are infinite amounts of different ways to experience UVa, look for them as you tour grounds and cruise the website. Be yourself on your application, don't stress about it and seek a school that will be the perfect fit for you. UVa was mine, who knows what yours may be. Read the blog, talk to students and don't be embarassed by your parents on admissions tours.

Thank you, Virginia. Wahoowah!

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