Friday, April 30, 2010

The End

As Shelby stated in her last post, this truly has been a year of firsts for me. Now as it all winds down, I wonder what I’m going to do this summer without all my U.Va. friends and all the activities on Grounds. This is my last real weekend here and there are so many things planned. I mean tonight there is a Class of 13’ sponsored block party in the quad. They will have a mechanical bull, a dj, a foam pit, and food, all for free. Then there’s also FYP’s performance of West Side Story happening all weekend ( a wonderful show, go if you get a chance). There are movies playing this weekend and it looks like the weather will be beautiful for a picnic on the Lawn. This is what I love about U.Va., even though exam time is getting too close for comfort, there are still so many great ways to unwind and just enjoy yourself. As I look back upon this year, I realize there is nowhere else I would have rather spent this last year or the next upcoming three.
Have a great summer and wonderful first year! (Hopefully at U.Va.!!!)

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