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Office Hours: Professor George Gilliam

Office Hours

Professor George Gilliam

BChelsea Marcelin

Another Professor who teaches in the College of Arts and Sciences is Professor George Gilliam. Professor Gilliam teaches in the Corcoran Department of History here at U.Va. and has been teaching at the University for 12 years now! Aside from history, Professor Gilliam likes NASCAR. In fact, In 1989 he published the “definitive” book on NASCAR. He says, "That is far from the craziest thing I done in my life!"

Want to learn more about Professor Gilliam? Let’s hear what he has to say about his experiences as a professor at UVA:

How you became involved in your field:
I was born! Everyone who is born has history; I decided to explore my own history, and the historical context into which I was born. I practiced law for almost 30 years before returning to the University of Virginia to study, and to teach, history."

Favorite thing about UVa:
"The very bright and curious students, and the outstanding faculty. "

Funny Story/Memory from a class:
"About five years ago, a student appeared at my office hours in about the 3rd week of class and announced, “I’m not getting it.” When he told me he wanted to “get it,” I suggested that we meet for one hour every week so I could review his lecture notes ad then we’d discuss the readings. By Thanksgiving, he proudly told me that he discussed all of our sessions with his girl friend, and that she thought he had “become a history buff.” He ended up doing fine in my course, became a history major, and graduated with his class. I considered that a victory not only for him but for the history department."

Want to take a class with Professor Gilliam? He is well known in the College and history department for teaching the American History survey, seminars in Southern Progressivism, History of Virginia until 1865, and the sequential course the History of Virginia 1860-2010. He even began a new class this summer called Viewing the South, which examines the changing way the American South has been depicted in films and short stories over the last 100 years! Check him out!!

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