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Saturday Q&A: Echols Scholars

Saturday Q&A

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What is the Echols Scholars program and what are the benefits that come with it?
The Echols Scholars Program is a merit based scholarship program offered to students in the College of Arts and Sciences. While there is no monetary benefits offered to students that receive this scholarship, there are several other useful benefits awarded to the scholars. For starters, Echols Scholars do not have to fulfill the general area course requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, such as the foreign language, math, history, and nonwestern perspective requirements. This allows the Echols Scholars greater freedom in the classes they can take throughout their academic career at UVa. Echols Scholars are also assigned an academic advisor specifically tailored to their expressed areas/majors of interest when they enter the University. During their first year when UVa students live in dorms, Echols Scholars are assigned to live in some of the newest dorm buildings on Grounds with other Echols Scholars and first-year students belonging to the other scholars programs at UVa (Jefferson, Rodman, etc). Echols Scholars also have the ability to declare an Echols Interdisciplinary Major, which combines three areas of study in the College of Arts and Sciences into a single interdisciplinary major. The final benefit of the Echols Scholars program is that Echols Scholars are given priority course registration times among the students of their year. This means that Echols Scholars will register for classes each semester before the other classmates within their year.
A multipurpose room on a floor of a dorm for Echols Scholars

This is probably the most useful benefit because, by the time you are a fourth-year student, you will be among some of the first undergraduate students to register for classes at UVa. There is no special application that must be submitted when you are a prospective student applying to UVa to become an Echols Scholar. All students accepted into the College of Arts and Sciences are considered for the Echols Scholars program when they apply to UVa, and the students that are selected for the program are notified upon their acceptance to UVa.

--Will Bennett

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