Tuesday, July 22, 2014

In the Audience: Your Local Theater

In the Audience

Your Local Theater

I love to go to the movies with friends and there are plenty of opportunities to see movies in the downtown mall area, but the University also hosts movies in the Newcomb Hall Theater throughout the year.  The movies that are shown here are recent releases, before they go on sale as videos usually, and are at a much discounted rate.  I have been able to see movies before Oscar season that I wasn't able to see while they were in theaters.  I love seeing movies on the big screen too, so it's great that all of these are only a few dollars to see one of these movies.

My friends and I decided to take advantage of the theater our first year and see Skyfall, the most recent James Bond movie.  Even though it wasn't one of the movies considered for best picture that year, we still wanted to see it at the theater due to all of our love for anything James Bond.  We were able to finish up any work we still had to do for classes or our clubs and then met at Newcomb for dinner at the dining hall and then walked just downstairs to watch the movie.  It was great having the option to take a study break or quick get together where we didn't have to worry about catching a bus or taxi or figuring out rides to a theater that was further away.


  1. How much does it cost? And where is the schedule of movies? Thanks

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  3. My ticket was only $3 and we found out about movies through flyers put around grounds, but UVa's calendar of events is a place to look for movies there and for other performances around grounds. You can visit it at: