Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hoo's Abroad? An Overview of Study Abroad at UVA

Hoo's Abroad?

An Overview of Study Abroad at UVA

Niki Shumaker (CLAS '17) in Peñíscola, Spain.

We've heard from a number of students who have shared their personal experiences regarding studying abroad as undergraduates at UVA. Now, maybe you're interested in experiencing all that a global education can offer. Let's go through some frequently asked questions regarding study abroad.

During the past academic year (2013 - 2014), how many students went abroad?

1617 undergraduate and 645 graduate students went abroad.

What if I am an engineering student (or pre-med, or engineering)? Can I still go abroad?

Yes! Included in the top 10 most popular majors studying abroad this past year were Commerce, Biology, and Systems Engineering. Even if your course requirements or the way your schedule works out makes it inconvenient for you to go abroad for an entire semester, January Term and Summer Session are both great options to consider if you want to have some sort of study abroad experience. 

What if I want a more intensive program? Is there any way I can have a more fully-immersed global experience?

Absolutely. If you are looking to dive straight into a new culture, you should consider an exchange program. UVA has long-standing exchange programs with many countries, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, India, Israel, Canada, Brazil, and Australia, among many others. This past year, 114 students studied abroad through an exchange program.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

Your federal and institutional aid that you would have during a normal school year or semester carries over to your time spent abroad. Expenses such as tuition and fees, transportation, housing, meals and the costs associated with obtaining a passport or visa are eligible for aid.With all that said, keep in mind that costs will vary from program to program, as cost of living and exchange rates factor into the final price.

How do I get started?

If you think you definitely want to study abroad, the first thing you should do is complete the Education Abroad Workshop. This is a PowerPoint presentation hosted on UVA's study abroad website that covers almost everything you will need to know about studying abroad. Safe travels!

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