Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hoos in Charge: College Council

Hoos in Charge

College Council

College Council Trick or Treating on the Lawn
I already told you a little about Student Council and Class Council, but I definitely can't forget about College Council! While Student Council serves the entire student body and Class Council caters to the specific needs for each individual Class, College Council serves the entire student body of the College of Arts and Sciences, across all of its majors and across all years. College Council works with faculty and administrators to provide the best academic experience possible for all College students through programs, academic advising, and funding. The Council works to serve as peer academic advisers, foster student/faculty relations, strengthen College identity, and solidify relations between the College of Arts and Sciences and its alumni. 

College Council Event for 1st years
They hold events like the International Career Resources Information Session for students interested in international jobs and internships, "Life After Politics" to showcase potential career paths for Politics Students, and a S'mores Social to ease students of midterm study stress. To get involved in College Council, you can apply to be a department representative and represent your major within the Council or simply just apply to join the Underclassman Committee during your first or second year.

More to come soon!

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