Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In the Audience: Live in Concert

In the Audience

Live in Concert

A great way to take advantage of the arts community in Charlottesville is by going to one of the many concerts that occur throughout the year.  Some artists come to John Paul Jones Arena, our basketball stadium, or to venues in downtown Charlottesville like the Jefferson or nTelos Wireless Pavilion.  All of these venues are just quick and free bus rides away from grounds.  A wide variety of artists come to Charlottesville that plays any kind of music from country to electronic. It has always been fun finding a band one of my friends or I like and going together to see them live.

Each of these venues has something different to offer with their varied size and atmosphere.  John Paul Jones Arena is a much larger venue than the others, and has ticketed seating to accommodate for the large amount of people who come to these concerts.  The Jefferson is an indoor theater that has a smaller crowd size but lets you get closer to the artist with a smaller crowd.  nTelos Wireless Pavilion is an outdoor venue that is covered to provide shade and block rain, and has general admission tickets for standing room for most of the crowd.

Two of my favorite concerts I have ever been at were at nTelos Wireless Pavilion, just at the end of the downtown mall.  Jack White came my first year at UVa and, this summer, Vampire Weekend stopped by on their tour.  Both concerts were incredible, and me and my friends enjoyed being in the outdoor venue for both concerts.  There was a large crowd for both of these performances, which was fun to see a lot of UVa students come out to see the same bands that I love.

There are always plenty of shows scheduled so be sure to check out all the listings for each of these venues:

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