Friday, July 11, 2014

Follow Friday: Part VII

Follow Friday

Part VII: See Our @UVa_Summer Instagram!

Don't forget to follow @UVa_Summer and search the hashtag #UVaSummer on Instagram! To view the Instagram in your browser, click here.

This week has been all about the start of summer orientation sessions for the Class of 2018! Check out the pics below, as well as a couple throwbacks to Independence day!

"Get excited to know #UVa--orientation has begun! S/o to Ana and all the other awesome Orientation Leaders! 'Session A, here we go! @uva_summer @uvaonsp' --@anatehilah"

"Orientation is under way and the incoming first year class is learning their way around, registering for classes, and getting to know #UVaSummer 'Making friends in circles. #OL2013 #UVA2018' --@tpilnik"

 Left: "Happy 4th of July from all the tour guides here at the Office of Admission! #wahoowa #USA #redwhiteandblue #UVa #America #UVaSummer"

Right: "#tbt to that time your summer tour guides were super patriotic last week #UVaSummer"


  1. Such hard working guides showing thousands why we love UVA!

  2. Thanks! We do the best we can, and we hope you enjoy our tours and supplemental material like these blogs. Wahoowa!