Thursday, July 24, 2014

Let's Get Traditional: Lighting of the Lawn

Let's Get Traditional

Lighting of the Lawn  

by Will Bennett

One of UVa's holiday traditions is Lighting of the Lawn at the end of November near the close of the Fall Semester. At this event, the a capella groups at UVa will perform on the steps of the Rotunda as thousands of students, faculty, and even Charlottesville residents, will gather on the Lawn to watch the performance. At the end of the performances, usually around midnight, lights that have been set up on the Rotunda, the Pavilions, and all of the Lawn Rooms in the Academical Village are turned on. The event originally started in 2001 as a way to bring together the students and faculty of the University after the attacks of September 11th. Since then it has become a favorite tradition among students as one of the last traditions of the Fall Semester before the beginning of Finals. 

On the Lawn, hot apple cider and hot chocolate are served for the students that come to watch the a capella performances. Students that live in the Lawn Rooms of the Academical Village will open up their rooms and serve food and drinks for some of the clubs that they are involved in. Professors that live in the Pavilions will also open up their Pavilions for guests to come in and enjoy their hospitality. The Lawn fills up really quickly with students so I would recommend that you get their early, and, if there isn't already snow on the ground, bring a blanket to sit down on with your friends. The performances will go on for several hours and it can be pretty cold this time of the year in Charlottesville, so remember to dress warmly. Lighting of the Lawn is one of my favorite traditions at UVa because it is a great way to have fun before the beginning of finals and to see a large part of the UVa community come out to the Lawn. 

Lighting of the Lawn Essentials: 
Where: The Lawn
When: End of November, before the beginning of finals. (Show up early to get good seats close to the Rotunda).
What to Bring: Warm Clothes and a Blanket to sit on 

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