Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In the Audience: Arts Madness

In the Audience

Arts Madness

Every year, UVa Arts puts on a multiple day event called Arts Madness.  During this time there are performances and showcases for all kinds of arts groups grounds, seminars on certain forms of art and even a graffiti wall.  The whole point of this event is to get the UVa community involved with all its artistic opportunities and showcase what students have done at UVa.  The showcase that happens during the event is a great way for artistic groups to show off what they can do, and events like the poetry slam give those who want to an outlet to express themselves they might normally get during the year.

During my first year, First Year Players was one of the groups who got to perform for this event.  I was lucky enough to be able to be a part of the songs we chose to perform and I also got to see other groups perform as we waited to go on and after we performed as well.  There was a fashion show, dance performance and an acapella group all performing on this one stage for anyone who wanted to come see a sample of the arts in our community.

Whether it's to perform with a group, showcase a talent, or just preview the arts, Arts Madness is a great event to get to for anyone interested in the arts at UVa. If you want to see past schedules of Arts Madness, click here for the UVa Arts site for the event.

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