Friday, May 23, 2014

Introducing the 2014 Office of Admission Interns

Introducing the 2014 Office of Admission Interns

Welcome to our new tour guides and bloggers!

At the UVA Office of Undergraduate Admission, we're thrilled to welcome our eight new summer interns. Studying everything from Elementary Education to Marketing to Engineering, this group of rising second through fifth year Master's students will be leading UVA visitors around Grounds on informational walking tours. They'll cover everything from housing to extracurricular involvements to UVA traditions and secret societies (at least the not too secretive parts!). They'll also be leading online readers through bimonthly blog posts, with a new post from a different blogger every day Monday through Thursday. Keep your eyes peeled and follow Hoo Stories, this all starts next week!

Topics include...

Click on the name of one of the interns for his or her personal bio!


Jared Morgan, a fourth year studying Commerce, will take you out for a night on the town with his posts entitled My Date with CVille.
Chelsea Marcelin, a Master's student in the Curry School of Education, will help you get to know some of the professors that make UVA so unique through her Office Hour posts.


Andrew Barat, a rising third year majoring in Media Studies, will post every other week on different artistic events, opportunities, and performances in a series called "In the Audience."
Veronica Mercado, a second year Systems and Information Engineering major in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, is conducting interviews with UVA students about their experiences studying overseas. Every week, she'll post a new one in her piece called Hoos Abroad?


Hawa Ahmed, a fourth year studying Foreign Affairs, will take a look at the different multicultural groups and events in the University community in #WeAreAllUVA .
Will Bennett, a third year majoring in Economics, will share his experiences with different traditions at UVA through his posts entitled Let's Get Traditional.


Wyatt Moorer, a third year History major, will describe different athletic events and opportunities at UVA in his piece Hear Us Shout & Roar, which takes its name from The Good Old Song UVA students sing to celebrate athletic events or other performances.
BelĂȘn Osman, an English Major and third year, will explain student self-governance at UVA and how UVA students have a say in the way their school is run and governed. Be looking out for her posts, Hoos in Charge!


  1. These interns are good for the office because they empathize with the applicants. They understand the frustration, anticipation, eagerness, and the ability to just think positive for a time period which you honestly don't know what will happen because college is a life-changing phase. - Lay of

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