Monday, September 21, 2009

I are an engineer! (All About Steven)

Ok, so despite common misconceptions, most engineers do understand how to formulate sentences and use correct grammar. My name is Steven Cook and I am a new contributor to the Hoo Stories Blog. I am a first-year in the E-School and have plans of majoring in Systems Engineering. Some background info on me: I went to Lord Botetourt High School in Daleville, Virginia where I enjoyed four glorious years as a Cavalier. Upon graduation I had three choices, UVa, PSU, and VT. Having grown up in a predominately Hokie centered environment and cheering for VT all through my younger years, the choice was clear, I went to UVa. Something about this place, the people, the environment, everything was just awesome. I traded my maroon for navy and here I am.

I have several hobbies including biking, swimming, and cars. I love to mountain bike! Until I got situated in my dorm I didn't want to have my bike to worry about so I left it at home. Worst choice ever, I ended up missing it dearly and my parents brought it up one Sunday as a surprise. Yeah, I like inanimate objects a little too much, so what?

Another one of my major hobbies is cars. I have worked at Advance Auto Parts for over two years and will continue to next summer. My favorite car brands are Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Lotus. I currently have an 06 VW Jetta that I have done some modifications to, and I enjoy taking it to various car shows throughout the summer. It's my baby lol, and it has been quite hard being separated from it at school. If you have any VW questions, feel free to shoot me an email! (

My main goal in writing for the Hoo Stories Blog is to help show perspective students what a great place UVa is. I'm going to try my best to provide insight on what the life of a first-year E-Schooler is like and why UVa is the best college ever. I also want to prove to the world that engineers are more than just digit punching nerds, but that we have a heart and soul as well.

Thanks! :) 1337

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