Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Intro to Janna

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the student blog. I hope you enjoy reading what we enjoy writing about: UVa! Some of us have been here a few weeks, others, a few years. We all have different experiences, different points of view, different majors. The one thing us writers have in common is UVa and we want to share with you so you'd enjoy it just as much.

My name is Janna. I am a fourth year in the School of Architecture, majoring in Urban and Environmental Planning. Whenever someone asks me where I'm from, I ask them which version they'd like to hear. And no, not because I lie to people. But because I grew up in many places/countries/cultures and it's not always appropriate to share my entire life story. I was born in Russia, spent a few years in Kazakhstan and Germany, lived in Miami, Florida for six years, moved to Fairfax, Virginia for my senior year of high school, and now I'm going on my fourth year at Charlottesville. See? It's not as simple a question as you'd think. When someone asks me where I'm from and I feel like telling the whole truth, I say, "Planet Earth, have you heard of it?"

Thus, my life will most likely not be centered around one place or one city. I plan to travel and see different places, and raise my children the way I was raised, albeit for different reasons. Perhaps some things I write about will be influenced by my experiences. Perhaps not. You'll just have to wait and see.

Now, I hear I should write about some hobbies or whatnot. Well, let's not make this post more about me than it already is. If you are that interested, you will continue to read my posts and try to email me or something (which, please feel free to do!).

This blog is about UVa and its students, and the experiences one provides for the other. Thus, expect to read about the unexpected, including (but not limited to): classes, clubs, events, parties, volunteering, movies, graduate school, jobs, friends, family, heartbreak, elation, and life.

Take care! Come back often to experience some more of UVa!!

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