Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Humpday: A Welcome from Nicolas

Happy humpday everyone. Thanks for checking out the HooStories Blog. My name is Nicolas and I’m a second-year from Richmond, Virginia. I’m working at the Rotunda as I write (feel free to stop in and say hello when you’re here) and I’m counting down the minutes until the weekend (approximately 2880). My plans include:
A trip to the UVa Art Museum to see the new Academical Village Exhibit
A taste of what the Vegetarian Festival has to offer and
A touch of classic competition as I watch the Polo match on Saturday
Friday-Sunday keeps me going. There are always adventures in this eclectic, Blue Ridge town.

It’s crazy to think that just a year ago I was a first-year, completely unaware of what was in store for me here at UVa. I would become a tour guide, survive Financial Accounting, volunteer in the Dominican Republic, and enjoy the Foxfield Races. I would learn about myself as an individual and I would grow as a student. I would fall in love with the University of Virginia.

I’m a huge believer in signs, so I think your discovery of this blog is an important one. Interpret the sign as you wish, but I have an inkling that UVa might be the perfect fit for you. If you disagree, I challenge you to visit Charlottesville and give this place a shot. If you don't have a "crush" on UVa after your visit, let me know.
I’ll be blogging periodically about my miscellaneous weekend experiences, my academic pursuits (in addition to the pursuits of others), and student life in general.

Stay tuned, prospectives. I have a feeling my second-year will be better than my first and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

2779 minutes till the weekend!


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