Sunday, September 27, 2009

How this works...

Hey Everyone!

By now, all the new writers for the blog this year have posted their intro posts to let you know that these friendly faces will be bringing you all things UVa. One thing I must disclaim is that the blog is freely run, independent from the Office of Admissions and UVa for that matter, so we are not told what to write. The first piece of advice that I got from the office when instituting this idea was that they wanted it to be student run (as most of the things here are) with topics about anything we wanted to write about. I head this blog as part of my work with Virginia Ambassadors which is a CIO (UVa lingo for club) that devotes itself to showcasing our lovely University to those interested in learning more about it.

We will be posting about all things UVa...sports, classes, professors, majors, activities, housing, dining, applying and many more. Since this is catered towards answering your questions, if there is something in particular that you'd like us to share, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or email one of us!


Photo taken by Steve Norum (CLAS '11)

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