Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reflections on a year too fast

Dear Readers,

For this my final post, I have decided to reflect briefly on my first year here at UVA, the fastest year of my life. On April 20, 2009, a year and seven days ago, I decided to come to UVA. Caught up in the euphoria of graduation, I really never took the time to consider the possibilities in store for me at Mr. Jefferson’s university.
When I look back at that Shelby of a mere 53 weeks ago, I cannot help but ask, “who was that girl?” Not only have my address, my best friends, and my academic interests all changed in this past year, but my entire attitude towards my education and other people has changed as well. I really don’t think that I will be able to recognize the degree of change I have undergone until I am able to get away from Grounds and do more reflecting this summer. I do know this though: I used to view my studies as a means to good grades, but this wonderful place has broken me of my grade-addiction. It has challenged me to learn for the sake of learning and to take hard classes and stretch myself scholastically. My unbelievable friends here have challenged me to live out my beliefs and to orient selflessly each day’s 24 hours. In high school, stress was my middle name, but that is no longer the case. Peace reigns in my mind, even though my life in college has become significantly busier.
The changes I have described are just a few among many. And many of the changes in my heart, I have not yet fully recognized or examined. So as I conclude this final post, I would like to challenge you. If you’re stuck deciding between universities, I challenge you to pick the place that will stretch you most, give you the most opportunities to engage with issues that matter to you, and provide you with a wealth of scholastic resources. For me, that place was UVA and I hope it is for you as well. If you do decide to come, please let me know. Maybe a year from now we can go to coffee and discuss the changes you’ve undergone during you first year here. Of one thing, I am certain: you will change if you come to UVA. And it will be wonderful. Are you ready?
Love and best of luck with any last minute decisions,

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  1. I really appreciate this post! I'm an international student from Tokyo. I just enrolled into UVa and I had my last ever day of high school today.

    Your post first caught my eye because I was reflecting on my senior year that has gone too fast for me. I am also currently caught up in the euphoria of my upcoming graduation.

    Although I haven't had my first year at UVa yet, I felt like I could so identify with the feelings you expressed. The latter half of high school has been a wild pendulum between ridiculous stress and ridiculous euphoria and I have often wished for the "peace" you mentioned you now have in your mind. It gives me hope that I may find it when I get to college. I've also lately been thinking a lot about what education really means to me and in what ways I may change when I get to college. My senior year has been the most challenging and rewarding time of my life so far. I just found your post really relevant and personal to me, and felt like telling you haha. Thank you!