Tuesday, April 20, 2010

College: A Time of Firsts

After going out this past weekend rock-climbing outdoors, I realized that I have had many "firsts" since stepping foot in Charlottesville 3 years ago. Let me try to give you a sense of how much you can do at U.Va. and in Charlottesville:


1) First time going to a college football game
2) First time going to a college basketball game
3) First time going to any sort of lacrosse game


1) First time taking a psychology class
2) First time taking a classics class
3) First time taking a teacher/professor to lunch
4) First time a teacher/professor invited me to their house
5) First time texting a teacher
6) First time presenting a research presentation at a conference
7) First time reading a textbook that the teacher wrote


1) First time reading an application and voting on it
2) First time leading a organization
3) First time volunteering at a daycare
4) First time rock-climbing
5) First time hiking
6) First time ice skating and playing broom ball
7) First time having a roommate


1) First time preparing a meal from start to finish
2) First time running a dishwasher
3) First time trying sushi
4) First time trying Afghani food
5) First time trying crepes
6) First time getting a flu shot

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