Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring in the Gardens

One of the things I love most about UVa are the gardens behind each pavilion on the lawn. When I was visiting in the spring and deciding between schools, I had explored all the gardens and thought they were some of the most beautiful aspects of grounds. Now that I am a student here, they have become such an essential part of my UVa experience that I couldn't imagine UVa without them. I have spent countless hours studying, reading and writing papers in the gardens; it's such a relaxing place to get work done while still enjoying the amazing weather (which we've had a lot of this week!). I've had brunch, lunch, and even dinner with some friends in the gardens, sitting on the grass or on one of the white benches set against the brick walls. During big sis week, I had a picnic with some other girls from my sorority as we were serenaded by one of the accapella groups on grounds. For me, the gardens are a place that represent all of my UVa experiences, from crunching in the last of a paper to relaxing for hours in the sun, they hold a lot of my memories from the past two years. Each garden is a little bit different, but every single one is absolutely beautiful. Some are good for quietly doing work in a secluded corner, some are perfect for sunbathing and laying on the grass with friends, and some are full of romantic nooks and crannys for couples. One of my favorite gardens is home to Noble, possibly the world's most amazing dog. If you visit this spring, make sure you take a walk through some of the gardens and talk to some of the students there!

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