Friday, April 2, 2010

He wanted no more than to drift and dream and enjoy a dozen new-found friendships through the April afternoons

Recently accepted students,

The past week has been UVa at its finest (made possible by the wonderful weather). Get here quick to see what, in my mind, the University of Virginia is all about:

1. Picnics on the Lawn
2. Students running and biking outside
3. Classes in the Amphitheater
4. Soccer, football, and frisbee in Mad Bowl
5. Studying on the grass near the Corner
6. People wearing bright colors
7. Smiling faces everywhere you go
8. Philanthropies and day parties
9. Patio dinners on the Corner
10. Conversations regarding the Foxfield Horse Races and unofficial UVa traditions like "Beach Week"

I came here because there was no academic institution on the same level as UVa. I stayed here and fell in love with UVa, however, because of the things listed above (and trust me, the list could continue).

I was reading on the steps of the Rotunda on Wednesday, and I kid you not, I could not stop smiling. I'd gotten no sleep and had tons of reading to finish before class, but I was so overcome with joy about my general UVa experience.

UVa hasn't always been easy, but it's during weeks like this that I realize how lucky I am to be here. Coming to UVa was, hands down, the greatest decision I ever made.

The next six days are beautiful, so come out here and see what UVa is all about!

Before I go, I want to leave you with a quote that came to mind when I was sitting on the steps of the Rotunda on Wednesday. It's from This Side of Paradise, one of my favorite novels by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In the midst of my second-year spring at UVa, it really sums up my emotions:

"Long afterward Amory thought of sophomore spring as the happiest time of his life. His ideas were in tune with life as he found it; he wanted no more than to drift and dream and enjoy a dozen new-found friendships through the April afternoons."

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