Friday, April 9, 2010

summer, summer, summertiiiime. time to sit back and unwind

Okay, I know it is not Summertime yet; but, it almost is! And few places are as beautiful as Charlottesville when it starts to get warm! Everything is blooming, the grass is healthy and green, and there is always something going on outside. Whether it be study groups, class, charity events, Frisbee, or even puppies! The other week UVa's Student Council had puppies and painting on the South Lawn for Wellness Week.

These are the type of great activities that happen outside during this great weather. Of course other great activities happen during the colder time of the year as well, just inside! Springtime brings about an exciting time of the academic year. The semester is wrapping up, people are everywhere, the grounds are beautiful. It could not get any better.

The picture above is from the balcony of Gooch, a UVa dorm. Even the area around the dorms are serene. UVa has done a great job of keeping a natural scene throughout all of grounds.

UVa has great people, beautiful grounds, and activities/clubs/groups galore. The perfect undergraduate experience!

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  1. I hate that you guys never get any feedback of comments. But I love reading your blogs!! Thanks for all the hard work!