Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday Q&A: AP, IB, and Dual Enrollment Credit

Saturday Q&A

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Does AP, IB, or dual enrollment credit transfer at UVa?

Parents and students often wonder how and if UVA accepts credit for AP, IB, or dual enrollment courses that many students take during high school. UVA does a great job at offering credit for those three areas of classes.

For AP credit, UVA takes mostly 4s and 5s. You can send in your scores to the University via the Collegeboard website. You may also send in scores during the admissions process if you would like our counselors to see how you have done on them over the years. A list of the scores UVA will accept for credit for AP classes can be found at this link: . Similarly, for the IB programs UVA will take higher level scores. Which scores and what courses they accept credit for with respect to IB programs can be found here: .

UVA will also accept varying levels of dual enrollment credit depending on the institution in which it was taken and which classes were taken. Acceptance for dual enrollment will be evaluated on a case by case basis. For more detailed information on how dual enrollment credit works, please visit:

--Wyatt Moorer

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