Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#WeAreAllUVA: Socioeconomic Diversity


Socioeconomic Diversity

by Wyatt Moorer

Socioeconomic diversity is a large goal among UVA in its admissions process in attracting a diverse class of students. UVA is committed to providing 100% of demonstrated need through its financial aid programs. AccessUVA helps in evaluating family's specific financial needs. Financial aid is provided through a combination of grants, work study, and loans. UVA is consistently ranked in the top three amongst best value public colleges for its efforts with financial aid. For more information about AccessUVA be sure to check out its website here:

Hawa Ahmed helps lead a panel for UFUSED at UVa
There are also students groups dedicated to promoting and raising awareness for socioeconomic diversity and how it impacts student's day to day life. For instance, the student group UFUSED at UVA (United For Undergraduate Socioeconomic Diversity) helps advocate for students in need of financial assistance to attend school. Also significant portions of funds in the annual class giving campaigns are donated back to AccessUVA. The University Bookstore is a non-profit as well donating all proceeds to financial aid services. 

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