Tuesday, October 9, 2012


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Let me introduce myself, and the "college student intro" format you will hear and use for the next four years of College beginning at Orientation all the way through Graduation. (name)My name is Emily, (year and school) I'm a Second Year in the College of Arts & Sciences on the (intended track/major/minor) Pre-Med Track, planning on majoring in Biology and a humanity I love once I figure part that out. (hometown, explanation of where it actually is) I'm from Chesapeake, Virginia about 15 minutes from Norfolk's Navy Ships and 15 minutes from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, so needless to say before my move to Charlottesville I was never far from water and definitely never saw any mountains. (activities) At UVA, I am a Resident Advisor in the McCormick "Old Dorms," a member of a Sorority within the PanHellenic Community on grounds, and active in Pre-Med clubs as well as other activities around grounds and at the UVA Hospital. 
So, why choose UVA? What's so great about Virginia? What do all of those top rankings for campus beauty and academics really mean? What are the students really like? And, seriously, what is up with the Hogwartz lingo and all the pearls?
The college decision process comes with an abundance of questions, as it should when choosing the place you will live and learn for the next four years of your life. Along with the other student bloggers, I will be answering the questions I know I had upon beginning the college decision process, as well as some questions I come across myself even now as a second year. Look for my posts to especially answer questions about the Pre-Med track here at UVA, the real scoop on Greek Life, and closer looks at the traditions of our great school and the adventures that can be had both on and off grounds, beyond your typical admissions fact sheet info.
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