Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hey, hey, hey, it's Fat Albert! Just kidding, let me introduce myself. My name is Ashley Patterson and I'm a second year at the University. I feel like now is the time where I tell you guys my major (undecided), where I'm from (NoVa- Northern Virginia, for those of you who aren't from Va), why I decided to come here (umm...), and what my favorite thing about UVa is (the trees on the lawn during fall). However, I'm not the most exciting person in the world (unless I've been in Club Clem until 2 a.m, and then my friends would say I am one of the most entertaining people to be around) so I would rather tell you about all the exciting thing that I get to do everyday here at UVa. From heading up to Carter's Mountain for apple picking, to Puppies and Pumpkins on The Lawn, to Lighting of the Lawn, UVa is full of events that unite the students and faulty and create a bond and family among thousands of unique individuals. My goal is to provide you guys with at least one event each week and give you something to look forward to within the next few years. Feel free to comment with questions or find out about events that might be going on when you're visiting. 

Now that I told you about these amazing events and activties that happen I want to take you to a place not to far from UVa, in Albermarle County, called Carter's Mountain Orchard. Almost as much a tradition as streaking the lawn, apple picking has become a favorite fall tradition of many University students. Just this past weekend my friends and I took a break from the stress of midterms and headed up to the orchard. The whole ride there my friend kept telling us about the "amazing views" that we should expect, but we were distracts by J. Biebs on the radio. However, as soon as we got to the top of the Carter's Mountain we stopped in our tracks, speechless. The view was unimaginable. When you go to school here it is easy to become blind to the beauty that surronds you, but heading up the mountain changed that. We stopped and took a few pictures and then headed into the trees.

Now I don't know if any of you have been apple picking before, but it is a lot harder than it sounds. For some reason I was expecting to find apples the size of the ones at the grocery store but there were only baby apples. We searched and searched for the big ones, but we finally settled on the delicious selection of small fuji apples. Now here is a little secret about Carter's Mountain, most people don't go for apples (shh!) As we emerged from the orchard, we headed (more like casually jogged...okay, okay, we full on sprinted) to the food stand where we ordered apple cider, apple pie, and apple cider doughnuts. Let me say that again, APPLE CIDER DOUGHNUTS!! They are the most mouthwatering thing you'll ever taste, in fact, your mouth should be watering right now just thinking about them. These doughnuts only come around once a year so we enjoyed every bite knowing that next year we will be a year older and year closer to not being able to enjoy these moments of apples, doughnuts, and fall with our close friends.

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