Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coca-Cola, Cookies, and Catie

“My name is Steph, and I’m a Diet Coke addict.” That’s how I would introduce myself, if I had to do it in 10 words.

But I don’t, so I’ll expand that a little: My name is Steph, and I’m a current second year from NoVa majoring in Computer Engineering and Computer Science, which means I’m a minority as a blonde girl in the E-school. Last year I lived in Dunglison, one of the suite style dorms right across from the stadium that did not have a kitchen, but this year I’m living with three other engineers in Lambeth. Most importantly, not only am I addicted to Diet Coke (it’s a bad day if I don’t have at least 2), but I love to eat.

At the beginning of last year when I was picking out my meal plan, I picked the standard 15 meals a week with $200 Plus, but I quickly found that I got tired of dining hall food and Crossroads snacks. As an engineer, I was up late a lot doing problem sets, whether that was in the library, or (more likely) in the comfort of my own bed. I was always craving sweet things while studying, but there’s no good place to bake in first year dorms unless you like food made in Easy Bake ovens or have a friend who will let you into Balz-Dobie. My schedule didn’t line up with many of my friends’, and I didn’t own an easy bake oven, so I was out of luck, and had to make do with Crossroads snacks and the occasional Jimmy John’s sandwich that always felt like it was delivered before I even hung up the phone (Really, I have no idea how they deliver everything that fast).

Thank goodness Campus Cookies came to the rescue this year though, because now I can order COOKIES delivered anywhere on grounds (and to Lambeth) at any time. Now that I’ve declared my major, I’m spending even more time in Rice Hall (my favorite study spot, but we’ll get to that later) and I can time the cookie delivery as a reward for finishing one of my problem sets. (Which also means you can hint to your parents that you are a poor starving college student and they could send you cookies as gifts, but do it more subtly than I did, because “Do you want to send me a Campus Cookie right now?” didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped). And if someone else gets a Campus Cookie, well…

During Fall Break, actually, many of my friends stayed here because we all had tests the day we got back, so there were countless cookies ordered…and thought we stayed here to study, we all probably would have gotten to sleep a lot more if we weren’t so distracted by the games they have on their website that give you discounts on your next order.

And with a roommate who likes to see how many cookies she can fit in her mouth, well, let’s just say we like saving money on cookies.

(Shoutout to Catie for letting me use this picture…her record is 10 Oreos in one mouthful)

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