Thursday, June 25, 2009

Who is Tik?

To introduce myself to you all...I've selected a few typical (and some atypical) questions that I usually get on tours and posted my opinion so that you all can get to know me:

1. What do you do at UVa?

Well I do alot of stuff...wake up, take a shower, eat...alot, go to class, and sleep. But what I'm passionate about here on Grounds are my various activities that I've gotten myself into. I am big believer in service and service-learning so I volunteer at the local daycare and hospital as well as little service projects for various different CIO's (UVa lingo for clubs). Another major activity is my involvement with the Office of Admissions in helping to pitch the University to prospective students and this is done through online chats, Days on the Lawn, and even giving tours this summer.

2. What have you done in Charlottesville?

I've been to the John Paul Jones arena for a monster truck show and Jay-Z and T.I. concert. I've been to the local ice-rink downtown to skate for the first time with fellow summer Resident Advisers. I've eaten gelato on the Downtown Mall with fellow tour guides. I've volunteered at the Virginia Children's Museum as a site leader for Project SERVE.

3. I see your name is Pratik so what's up with Tik?

I dunno, you tell me. Haha, but really, back in 9th grade when you really don't pay attention in school, my friends got bored and decided to come up with a nickname for me. Thus Tik was born so that is what most people address me by but then again, I have friends who decide Tik isn't enough and come up with a variety of different salutations: Tiki Tik, Tikster, Tik-a-llama, and my favorite, Tik-a-rama-baby's-mama's-drama. I love my friends.

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  1. tiki tik, tikster, tik-a-llama, tik-a-rama-babys-mamas-drama, tik, pratik,
    woah haha
    this was very oh so awesome!
    but you should add some jokes lol :D