Monday, June 22, 2009

A Quick Intro to Me and Food...

Hello to all new blog readers! My name is Peter Simasek, I am a rising third year here at UVA currently studying Spanish and international business in the McIntire School of Commerce. There are a multitude of things that I thoroughly enjoy about UVA and the surrounding Charlottesville community, but one of my favorite things to talk about is the food here around Grounds, on the corner and in the historical downtown mall. Basically any type of cuisine you’re craving, we’ve got it!

Although the three buffet-style dining halls around grounds (Newcomb, O-Hill, and Runk) are all great places to grab some grub, being Italian, none of them compare to the Italian food that mia famiglia and I cook at home. As an alternative to the dining halls on Grounds, one of my favorite spots off grounds – but still within walking distance of The University – is C&O Restaurant, located in the historic Downtown Mall. Satisfying growling stomachs since 1976, The C&O Restaurant offers a variety of food. Above all, the best item on the menu is the marinated Cuban Steak.

There’s no better way to end the perfect dinner Downtown than treating yourself to dessert at Splendora’s. This is one of the sweetest spots in Charlottesville, and serves daily anywhere between 24 and 36 different flavors of Italian ice cream including stracciatella, hazelnut, and amaretto!! Grabbing a double scoop of gelato reminds me a little bit of home every once in a while.

No matter what your appetite is, the Corner (that is within walking distance of the Grounds of the University), as well as the historic Downtown Mall, always are guaranteed to have what you’re looking for! Stay tuned to my next culinary installment.

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