Thursday, June 25, 2009

So What Am I Going to Do?

If you google "most important questions on college visits" a strongly recurring theme is free time. What on earth are you going to do with your time when you're not reading, writing, and crunching numbers? Depending on the answers, a prospective student can get an idea of how lively the area surrounding the school is, how active the student body is, and if current students are happy because, after all, happy matters.

In general, you want to avoid doing anything that requires a warning like this one.

This, too, is probably a suboptimal place for fun:

But on a bit more a serious note (though, really, I'm not joking when I say to avoid areas with those signs), I'd like to highlight some awesome opportunities for fun on and off Grounds.

On Grounds
Well you don't have to go far to find something to do; you don't even have to leave Grounds. All students at UVa are guaranteed free admission to all sporting events (though I should mention that Men's Basketball can be a little different. They have their own system that kicks in when tickets need to go on lottery; however, this process usually results in students going to a game, but perhaps it's just not the exact game they wanted. Also, due to the fact that our Men's Basketball is in their rebuilding decade, tickets haven't been hard to come by lately). Our John Paul Jones Arena was voted the Best New Major Concert Venue in February 2007 and is a great place to go see U2, Elton John, Dave Matthews Band, or any of the other great performance groups that come to Charlottesville. As a student, you do get the first shot at tickets--usually at a reduced rate. We also have 4 drama groups that put on plays every semester, music ensembles (be it jazz, symphony, small ensemble, orchestral, choral, and more). Some of the dorms even have events. Tuttle Lounge has a party every weekend that is a great social event. Why not go down there and play a bit of pool? Maybe you're more into movies. UVa has a movie theater that plays newly released movies for $3 a showing as well as the Robertson Media Center, home to over 16,000 movie titles that students are welcome to rent anytime free of charge (pictured right).

Off Grounds
Charlottesville has so much to offer as a city: two shopping malls, a shopping center at Barracks, an ice skating rink, two movie theaters, a bustling arts scene, and more restaurants per capita than New York City.

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